Yoga and Wellness classes in the heart of the Sydney CBD to give you a break, find focus, clarity, move more efficiently and explore your bodies potential.


Corporate Yoga

On-site and off-site corporate yoga & wellness services. 

Get your people moving and breathing to inspire creativity, flow and 'out of the box thinking'. By advocating a Yoga and Wellness culture in your workplace your employees will be happier, more motivated, and generally more positive. We can tailor a solution specific to your workplace culture based on the needs of individuals and their schedules. Contact us to find out how.

Studio Classes

 Please check our live schedule for times and bookings.

All Fused to Move classes are 45 minutes long and do cater for the time conscious practitioner that needs their daily dose of yoga in and around a hectic Sydney schedule.

There is a good cross-section of classes to suit all levels of practitioners and many styles to suit your body and your energy levels. 

Yoga therapy

Deepen and refine your Yoga practice with a personalised session.

Our Yoga therapy sessions are perfect for all levels of yogi. Yoga Therapy uses a range of tools such as postures, breathwork, meditation and guided relaxation techniques to hep individuals manage and  in some cases alleviate the sources and symptoms of many health conditions. Work with our resident Yoga Therapists Vicky Arundel and Liz Holman to mange and improve chronic pain.

The speed at which life moves seems to get quicker and quicker. Give yourself permission to; slow down, pause, take time-out, decompress, unravel, halt, reflect, contemplate, digest, breakdown, look upon... life, situations, challenges, problems, memories, experiences with more space.

wellness is practical






We love to share what we love

In the coming months we are offering a range of classes and courses that keep your practice, fresh, innovative, exciting and more importantly focused on what your body needs. We all use yoga to satisfy different needs and goals and therefore our practice needs to be flexible and adaptive. The rising demand for stress and pain reduction practices has seen the introduction of Long Slow Deep, Yin, and Core and Posture. We have seen much success in these classes and would like to take you to the next level. Yoga Therapeutics Therapeutics is all about movement that heals and restores. Some of us use yoga to ease tension and tightness, whilst others may be looking to build strength and stability – Yoga Therapeutics is about giving you both. What makes this class unique is the way each class is focused on a very specific target area – giving you an opportunity to explore and work into that area in a deeper and more nuanced way. The steady pace of these classes makes them ideal for injured students or those working with health concerns, but will also be perfect for any practitioner who just wants to learn more about their bodies and dive another level deeper into their practice.

Each week Fused will announce the therapeutic theme for the week (shoulders, hips, knees etc.), enabling practitioners to attend classes relevant to them, or making Yoga Therapeutics a weekly addition to their practice.

Yoga Therapeutics schedule here.